The Philippine Army, through the Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR), and the Tuloy Foundation Inc. (TFI), jointly opens the 5th Pinoy Batang Bayani Program, July 20, at Tuloy sa Don Bosco, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Atty Jerome Bonsol, as guest of honor and speaker, encourages the Tuloy kids to live up to the expectations of being tagged as young heroes. He told the Tuloy kids to be “makatao, makabansa, makakalikasan at maka-Diyos.” He also expressed his gratitude to the Philippine Army soldiers present headed by the CMOR’s  Officer-In-Charge, Col. Wenefredo O Arceño  for their sacrifices and heroism that enable the Filipino people to sleep soundly at night. He also thanked Fr. Rocky Evangelista, TFI President and Founder, for the invitation to the occasion’s guest of honor & speaker and for the kids to be mentored by the Army’s big brothers and sisters to be disciplined, patriotic and nationalistic. ###

JTG Tabang treats children of peace

PROVINCIAL CAPITOL, Marawi City – Soldiers of the Joint Task Group Tabang (JTG Tabang) treated the children-evacuees who won in the “Peace Poster Making Contest” with a tour to Iligan City, Tuesday, July 25.

It can be remembered that a poster making contest was conducted yesterday morning at Saguiaran, LDS and Balo-i, LDN as a therapy to the children who are traumatized by the terrorism made by Maute group.

We want the children to re-experience the joy of being a child “again” after Maute terrorists took that away from them,” says Colonel Thomas Sedano Jr, commander of the JTG Tabang.

As we saw in their drawings, these children are hoping to soon end the conflict for them to go back to school, play with their playmates, and do lot of child chores. And this is the only thing we knew so far to alleviate their dreary,” adds Colonel Sedano.

On board KM450, parents and their children traveled the curvy and hilly road that will bring them to the city of Iligan.

They first had their lunch at the famous fast food chain that is loved by the children to visit due to its child-friendly environment.

They were also given a chance to roam around the mall where they temporarily forgot the agony of being at the evacuation center.

To make their stay in Iligan more memorable, JTG Tabang gave their guardians a love gift that they used to buy what they want while inside the mall.

Children and their parents cannot hide their joyfulness while they relish the treat given to them by the soldiers especially to those who first saw the beauty of Iligan City.

This is my first time here in Iligan City, and I would like to thank the soldiers for bringing me here,” said one of the children.

The children waved their hands as a gesture of appreciation to the soldiers who gave them new perspective of peace, when they alight the KM450 in front of their respective evacuation centers.


Saguiaran, Balo-i condemn terrorism, want Maute out

PROVINCIAL CAPITOL, Marawi City – Displaced Marawi residents housed in Saguiaran and Balo-i evacuation centers, respectively held separate peace rally condemning the Maute terrorist, Monday, July 24.

The peace rally were initiated and spearheaded by the local officials and camp leaders to air their sentiments and disgusts to the Maute terrorist who made their lives miserable as “bakwit”.

The heavy downpour of rain could not stop the grit of the Maranaons to pursue the event.

Evacuees, young and old, flashed their slogans and placards bearing messages of peace and condemnation to the Maute terrorist group.

In Balo-i town, barangay chairman of West Poblacion Ibrahim Yahya told the evacuees that the Maute terrorist is the reason why they are suffering now in the evacuation center.

He also encouraged the evacuees to patiently wait until such time that the authorities declare the safe return to Marawi.

It was affirmed and seconded by Mayor Madid Elias Ali during his talk to the evacuees.

The government of Balo-i will provide all your needs. Let us all be patient as we have to ensure your safety when you go back to Marawi,” says Ali.

Ali also shared the Balo-i experience when rebels attacked his municipality sometime in 2000, to motivate, and encouraged the evacuees to lengthen patience until the situation normalizes.

Four of the evacuees also aired their sentiments against the terrorists and shared their traumatic experience during the Maute occupation.

A female evacuee denied the allegation that women are being stripped off by the military in the evacuation center.

It is not true that we are being stripped off by the soldiers when they conduct search. It never happened. It is the soldiers who keep us safe and protected us against the Maute terrorist since we evade from Marawi until now,” said the female evacuee.

Same situation transpired in Saguiaran, raising their banners and placards, they strongly condemned the un-Islamic, un-Muslim acts of the Maute terrorists that destroyed the Marawi City.

“Never again”, cried by the evacuees who is claiming to have learned the lessons brought by the terrorists in their most beloved Islamic city.

Colonel Thomas Sedano Jr, commander of the CMO Joint Task Group Tabang ordered his troops to ensure safety of the evacuees during the conduct of said peace rally.

He also demonstrated his support to the calls of the people to eradicate terrorism and restore peace in the only Islamic city in the country.



Balo-i leaders: AFP just wants us safe

PROVINCIAL CAPITOL, Marawi City – Officials of the CMO Joint Task Group Tabang (JTG Tabang) met the local leaders of Balo-i town, LDS for the first time, Friday, July 22.

The meeting was held to discuss the needs of the evacuees and address them immediately while waiting for the go signal for the safe return to their homes.

Present during the meeting are the barangay chairmen and municipal officials headed by Mayor Madid Elias Ali.

The armed forces only want us to be safe that’s why they keep on reminding us to stay and wait until such time that our houses are totally cleared and safe for occupancy,” said the leaders.

And as leaders who are concerned to our constituents, we unitedly support the armed forces to adhere to what is good for our people. We will not allow our constituents to join any protest or mobilization and be used for any political agenda or personal interest,” adds the local officials.

The effort was made to address the group that allures the evacuees to forcibly return home in protest, despite government’s stern security warning as the conflict against terrorist Maute is not yet over.

It is also feared that some improvised explosive devices (IEDs), booby traps, unexploded munitions, and other war materials are feared to be abandoned in various houses during their retreat.

It can be remembered that incident of burning houses were reported in the past week despite absence of inhabitants, which is believed to be due to the abandoned war materials.

This incidence caused for the armed forces and the local government to restrict the residents from going home even their houses were initially marked “cleared” by the local police.

Colonel Thomas Sedano Jr, commander of the CMO Joint Task Group “Tabang” said that he is delighted with the overwhelming support vowed by the local leaders

I would like to personally extend my sincere appreciation for understanding our predicament in restricting our people to go home at this stage,” says Colonel Sedano

We really have to ensure that no more will be harmed, and that can only be achieved if we join our hands together as this is for the betterment and safety of our people,” Colonel Sedano added.

The joint activity of the Balo-i officials and JTG Tabang is set to to benefit the IDPs both the home based IDPs in the evacuation centers and those in.

Moreover, JTG Tabang troopers also conducted film showing focusing on religious violent extremism to make our people aware of the real intent of the local and foreign terrorists organization.

The troops also distributed leaflets and other reading materials to reinforce the information provided by the video materials presented to them.


Final instruction for the win.

Staff Sergeant Reneir Rommel Compra of CMO Joint Task Group Tabang gives his final instruction to Saddam Alim, his soccer team leader during the heart pounding crucial soccer game held at Poblacion, Saguiaran town, Lanao del Sur, Saturday, July 22.

Gift of simple smile.

Sergeant Jerry Pinatanod of Joint Task Group Tabang gives a simple gift as a symbol of friendship to a student of Saguiaran Elementary School, July 22. It is indeed a profound happiness to see that angelic smile from Norjanah Nabilada, one of the students, together with her family who evacuated Marawi City due to the ongoing conflict between government forces and the Maute Terror Group.


Army rehabilitation unit arrives in Marawi

PROVINCIAL CAPITOL, Marawi City – Troops of the Army’s Civil-Military Operations Regiment (P) (CMOR) (P) to compose the Joint Task Group “Tabang” under the Joint Task Force Marawi arrived in the city Monday, July 10.

The unit’s primary role is to assist the local government in rebuilding peace in the city and uplift

the people’s welfare after the Maute terrorist group’s vicious occupation of the city.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) are continuously gaining grounds as of press time to totally clear the city from the terrorists.

“While our troops are courageously fighting in the frontline to totally liberate the city against the self-proclaimed ISIS Maute, we’ve started visiting the different evacuation centers to see for ourselves our people’s condition and assess their needs”, says Colonel Thomas Sedano Jr, commander of the Joint Task Group “Tabang”.

We will also coordinate with the different local government agencies, non-government organizations, civil society organizations and people’s organizations in the area to synchronize our efforts as we can accomplish more through a holistic approach,” adds Col Sedano.

The CMOR (P) together with other units of the AFP will be in the city until Marawi regains its glory and the people has rebuild their lives.


Contact:          Major Jeffrex G Molina

OIC, Public Affairs Task Unit

CMO Task Group “Tabang”

Mobile Nr.: 0917-809-6814

E-mail:  joibesue1425@yahoo.com

36 WIA Receive Awards.

Army Chief Lt Gen Glorioso V Miranda awards the Wounded Personnel Medals to 36 soldiers wounded-in-action during a ceremony held at the Army General Hospital lobby in Fort Bonifacio, July 3.  He commended the soldiers for their gallantry in their fight against the Maute terrorist  group in Marawi as well as the Abu Sayyaf Group in Sulu.  Presently confined at AGH, they are now recuperating and vowed to return in the field to fight the terrorists again.#

Gift-giving to wounded soldiers in AGH.

Seventy-six Army soldiers confined in Army General Hospital, majority of whom are battle casualties from Marawi siege, receive groceries and goods from Ms Carol Magno, Dr Ricardo Magno and Dr Raquel Javillana, who initiated  the Care Packages for Soldiers. Major Michelangelo G Ramirez, Chief, Civil Affairs Division, CMOR, PA and Ms Magno  facilitated the distribution of the care packages to the wounded soldiers. LTC Barbara Lollini C Conte, Assistant Chief Nurse for Clinical Branch, and Major Herbert S Cinco, Operations Officer, both from AGH, PA, received the visitors. The donors exchanged pleasantries with the recuperating soldiers and conducted a pray over for the speedy recovery of the soldiers.

The Civil-Military Operations Regiment, based here in Fort Bonifacio, continues to accept donations in kind and in cash, under the #OGOPMARAWI initiative, from good-hearted Filipinos intended for civilian victims, affected children and wounded soldiers of the Marawi siege.  ###

Donations for Marawi Troops.

Army Chief of Staff Maj Gen Robert M Arevalo shows the items contained in the 300 bags he donated for #OGOPMARAWI, an initiative of the Philippine Army in partnership with various stakeholders to help and support   those affected by the Marawi incident. The program caters to  Maranao evacuees who will receive the relief goods; the affected children who will receive   school items and personal health care items under Project Shoebox;  and care packages for battle casualties  under the Bayanihan para sa Bayani ng Bayan.  Each bag donated by the Army chief of staff contains black socks, t-shirt, face towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shaver, alcohol, and bath soap, simple tokens of appreciation to the soldiers  who are protectors of the people, guardians of democracy and defenders of the Constitution who are willing to commit the ultimate sacrifice if need be.