On Holy Weeks, Fibonacci and Hawking’s Theory of Everything

01 April 2016, 1 AM, Somewhere on the Mindoro Strait aboard The Child.  I tried to spend the drudgery of the week-long Holy Week, which fancied me to contain nothing holy at all, by trying to absorb anything and everything our Cignal cable TV could offer us from Brain Games, The Bible Code, Legends of the Fall, Magic of the Moonlight and the Theory of Everything.

In between, I tried to decode the mathematics of the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra and Aum Ne Pad Ne Aum.  After spending most of the day scribbling on the math, I ended with Long and Short phonetics which could be mathematically translated to 0s and 1s like the dit -dah-dih-dah-dit of the Morse Code.

With Theory of Everything, I was reminded of the Fibonacci sequence and of Enuma Elish, translated to, “In the Beginning…”  The ancient Enuma Elish texts of Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, became the foundation of the Biblical texts of Genesis.  In the Beginning…

Another quotable quote which caught my fancy on Discovery Channel or was it National Geographic, is, “Logic will bring you from Point A to B but it is Imagination that will bring you Everywhere…”

Going back to Fibonacci and the 1s and the 0s, it becomes a 1-million dollar question to me on what makes or who decides that the 0 becomes 1, triggering Creation from Nothingness…  Enuma Elish…

It seems to me that a good amount of Will will be more than enough to trigger the leap from the Infinite 0 to the Infinite 1, but, on whose Will? Man’s or God’s?!  The absence, or presence, of the Will will spark everything from Fibonacci to Creation… Again, the perennial question, whose Will?!

Without the Will, nothing…  With It, everything…

This so-called Leap of Faith, from 0 to 1, triggered the Fibonnaci and all the awesomeness related to it, 0 0 0… 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55…

Laymen, like us, were made aware by our high-school math teachers that in between the 0 and the 1 is infinity.  A brush on integers have hammered this fact, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001…

The beauty and if I may say, the awesomeness of the Fibonacci sequence becomes only a leap of faith if the “Willer” of the Will decides to take this leap.  Otherwise, Nothingness, or the Void, will be King…

A similar question arises.  Who is the “Willer” of the Will?  Is it the guy residing next door called God?!  This simple and august question will now trigger the necessity of the “Willer” and thereby God, but is the “Willer” and a God necessary for the Will to “exist?”  Theoretically, it seems so…

On the mundane application of the Theory, on Philippine militics for exmaple, is it necessary to be Magdalo, Magdiwang, RAM, SFP, YOU to be Senator or Congressman or doing “nothing” would be more than enough?  Experience tells us that a leap from 0 to 1 is necessary to trigger a Fibonnaci sequence and not merely doing nothing.  Some sort of a “screw the government…” of the Legends of the Fall.

Now, this argument clearly debunks the fallacy of Marx’ Thesis (0), Anti-Thesis (1) and Synthesis (1+0 / 2).  It is more like Thesis (0), Anti-Thesis (1), Synthesis (1), [Thesis (1)], Synthesis (2), [Thesis (1)], Synthesis (3), [Thesis (1)], Synthesis (5) and so on and so forth, Fibonacci…  It is pretty obvious however that it takes “Thesisis” of 1s, or of wills, individually or collectively, to trigger a leap, a change, a Fibonacci, awesomeness…  Of course, assuming that Thesis is One (1) and Anti-Thesis is (0).

This Assumption would then further assume that Everything starts with the One (1), a Necessary God, before an Anti-Thesis would have meaning.

In the beginning, enuma elish…


A dabble here and a dabble there of the Brain Games reminded me of the Pineal Gland, the All-Seeing Eye of Masonic fame and lore…  It seems that, after all, after we’ve been taught that the Eye is a representation of God is not true at all.  The Games taught us that the Eye, God, resides in us all and not to a nearby Church.  The “Eye,” or God, the “Willer” of the Will, resides in all of us, the very entity necessary to trigger the leap of faith, the Fibonacci, the change necessary…

Be ye then as God for the He is already within You…  You are him…

It seems that Goebbels, as quoted by Binay and sneered by Mar during the Debates, is right after all, “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth…”

With the wisdom of the Sequence on the back of our heads, I just could imagine the resulting Synthesis of the ongoing Money Laundering investigation being conducted by Senate.  All it takes is the Right Will, individually and collectively, to put all these things together in order to make the change necessary, for the better…

Again, the question, what is Right Will? Right in the point of view of whom?  When is Right becomes Right?  Politics thus comes to the picture in our attempt to define or justify this “Righteousness.”  Will or Wills are not enough.  Defining or determining the so-called “Righteousness” of the Will or Wills is the key.  The first organized collective, the Thesis (1). who will be able to clearly define and determine, or better, exploit (?), what is Right would be wanting and a necessary evil.

In a fast changing world, an expression of the Fibonacci Sum, organized collectives would play a pivotal role, a sort of Founding Fathers leading the Sheep, hopefully, not to the slaughter.  A group of men and women leading the flock, Society’s 1s, Society’s “Thesis’s.”  Society’s Divergents or more likely, Society’s Insurgents?!  The Power of One (1) would then come to play putting Order out of Chaos, ordo ab chao.

On the other hand, the Wisdom or the Tale of the Orousborous, the RKC / The Royal King Cobra, would tell us that if the Serpent would eventually decide to eat its own tail, this decision will infinitely reduce the Serpent, the One (1), the Thesis, to the Nil (0), the Anti-Thesis, Serpent Eating Own Tail.  Could you imagine that?! 1111111111111111111 0000000000000000000 oooooooooooooooooo …………………..  From Everything to Nothing…

After all, it is only Imagination that could bring us to Everywhere, the Magic in the Moonlight!

(Note: The Author is a member of PMA Tanglaw Diwa Class of 1992.  He is the Sultan-of-Panay in Waiting)


By Subramunya Das

OPC Students Visit ‘The Home of CMO Professionals’

FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – Students of Officer Preparatory Course Class 66-2016 visited Headquarters Civil-Military Operations Group, Philippine Army as part of their educational tour, 19 January.
CMOG as one of the Philippine Army Major Units is always a part of the educational tour for students from the different Army training institutions, especially for pre-entry courses like OPC. This will orient them with CMO doctrines and the various programs, activities and projects of CMOG which they could adopt and apply when deployed in the frontline after graduation on January 27, 2017.
The 48 OPC students will immediately be called to active duty as Second Lieutenants as they are expected to be assigned with different Army units in the field performing not just in combat but also in CMO duties.
In his message, Col. Thomas R. Sedano Jr, CMOG Commander, emphasized that ‘the best CMO tool is a well-disciplined soldier and reminded them that they are the ‘show window’ of the Philippine Army so they need to perform their mandated mission in accordance with the highest standard of professionalism.
During their tour in CMOG, an information briefing was presented showcasing CMOG’s functions/capabilities, significant accomplishments and the way ahead, especially its anticipated upgrade into Civil-Military Operations Regiment and production of Mobile CMO Support Unit (MCSU) that is capable of producing and conducting Information Support Affairs, Civil Affairs and Public Affairs products and activities.
The students were also treated with a ‘boodlefight’ together with the OCS and CMOG staff officers after their tour around CMOG offices and facilities.








Army Chief Expresses Support to CMO

FORT BONIFACIO, METRO MANILA – Army Chief Lt Gen Glorioso V Miranda expressed his support to Civil-Military Operations (CMO) following his visit at the headquarters of Civil-Military Operations Group, Philippine Army, 13 January.
General Miranda said that regardless of the operational environment situation in the future, CMO will stay. “When we deal with the civilians, with the communities, it’s entirely a different thing. It’s not the training that we give to our soldiers when we deal with them. But it’s CMO,” he remarked.
During the visit, a briefing on the significant accomplishments of CMOG was presented by Col Thomas R Sedano Jr, the group commander who was commended by the Army Chief.
In line with the Command Guidance, new CMOG projects, programs and activities were also presented to adhere with, such as the promotion of peace advocacies thru social media, sustainment of engagement with various stakeholders as partners for peace; support the government’s campaign against illegal drugs thru Drug Abuse Resistance Education soldiers, the partnership with US PACOM’s military information support and civil affairs teams to enhance students’ training while also upgrading its school facilities to accommodate more International Military Students.
As CMOG is proposed to be upgraded to a CMO Regiment, the Army Chief emphasized that it needs to be substantiated academically. He added that since CMO will remain as a tool, it has to be professionalized and creating a regiment would achieve it. As such, it will dedicate training to its personnel.
In closing, General Miranda directed the staff to immediately plan to support the AFP Development Support and Security Plan “Kapayapaan”, the new campaign plan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that is geared towards development and security.







Mr Deo Q Manuel, United States Agency International Development (USAID) Logistics support for Mindanao Activity Security Manager, visits the headquarters of Civil-Military Operations Group (CMOG), Philippine Army, December 21. He was received by Col Alex Arbolado, CMOG’s Chief of Staff on behalf of Group Commander, Col Thomas R Sedano Jr. Mr. Manuel expressed the desire of his organization to be a possible stakeholder of CMOG. USAID provides logistical and Security Support information management services and monitoring support to USAID/Philippine activities in Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago. It was only in 1995 that USAID expanded its assistance to cover all of Mindanao and Sulu archipelago. Relatedly, USAID’s logistical support includes transportation services, hotel bookings, events managements, photo documentary, project visits coordination with other USAID projects operating in Mindanao.

MEDCAP at Batangas.





Folks from San Isidro, Lipa City had a taste of loving care and humanitarian spirit during a one-day conduct of medical and dental mission, November 26, here. The MEDCAP was jointly sponsored by Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, Love Lipa Foundation Inc. (LLFI) in partnership with the Philippine Army thru the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, G7, PA and Civil-Military Operations Group.


Books inside pigeon house-shaped shelves were placed at the reception area of the Army General Hospital, as the Little Free Library (LFL) was launched by its founder and formally received by the commanders of AGH and Civil- Military Operations Group (CMOG), in a simple ceremony on November 23, 2016.
The first LFL in the Philippine Army, Col Thomas R Sedano Jr, CMOG group commander, finds it more fitting for the project to cater to soldier-patients, their families and personnel of the AGH, to ease the boredom of staying in their beds that he presented the idea to Col Leo Edwin T Torrelavega, AGH commander, who expressed his enthusiasm and gratefulness for the gesture. The project espouses love for reading and exchange of books that bolsters bond among neighbors as the case may be.
The LFL was unintentionally founded by Mr Todd Bol in 2009 after putting up a front-yard book exchanges to share books with his neighbors. The positive reaction of his neighbors on the miniature library received an overwhelming response that he built 30 more and gave them away to a broad range of neighborhoods. From then on, each year, an estimated 16 million books are shared in LFL book exchanges worldwide.





The Philippine Army tendered full military honors hosted by Brig Gen Ramon Yogyog, Deputy Commander, Special Operations Command, for the Japan Joint Staff College delegation headed by Vice Admiral Ryuzou Sakata JMSDF, at the Headquarters Philippine Army flagpole, during the latter’s visit last Tuesday, November 8. On the other hand, the Army Chief of Staff Brig Gen Robert M Arevalo, expressed elation on the strengthening relationship with Japan’s military counterparts as Vice Admiral Sakata said that his country’s armed forces are looking forward for future interoperability exercises with the Philippine military. The delegation was later briefed on the present state of the Philippine Army which was followed by an audio-visual presentation at the command’s conference room.

2nd PA- Wide Civilian Leaders Summit 2016

Lt Gen Eduardo M Año, Philippine Army Commanding General, presents to Prof Eyra N Umali, founder and owner of FIAT International Training Development Consulting Agency, a token of appreciation during the culmination of the 2nd PA Civilian Senior Leaders’ Summit 2016 held at Ricarte Hall, Philippine Army Officers Clubhouse Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila, November 9, Wednesday. General Año said, in his speech, that the output gathered in the summit “will significantly contribute to the crafting of a pool of civilian personnel with the necessary credentials and competencies.” He also said that civilian employees have helped to make the PA civilian workforce a more effective component of the Army organization as it strives to achieve its strategic intent for the coming years.


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte pins the Wounded Personnel Medal to a gallant soldier wounded during an encounter at Brgy Lilingayon, Valencia City in recognition of his bravery during the President’s visit at Camp Evangelista Station Hospital on August 09, 2016.


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte poses for a souvenir shot together with the Diamond Troopers during his visit at Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army on August 09, 2016.