I convey my proud greetings to all officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees of the Philippine Army as well as our stakeholders and partners for peace on the occasion of our institution’s 118th founding anniversary.
When the Filipino freedom fighters of over a century ago founded the Philippine Army, their principal purpose then was to build and train a force that would rise in arms against the oppressive colonial rule and march us toward free nationhood. Their determination and unity earned for our people liberty and self-governance. While the first Philippine Republic was short-lived with the entry of a new colonizer, our forefathers continued to hope and struggle for our independence.
Victory would eventually ensue, along with the second independence that we earned on peaceful terms and the rebirth of the Philippine Army. Not long after, our gallant troops would be engaged in battles and peace missions on foreign soil. The victories and defeats we scored would gain for us the respect and admiration of the global community.
The Filipino soldier in today’s transforming Army takes up the task of guarding the sovereignty that our forebears established. We continue to take up sacrifices as we secure countryside communities and the national territory, establish peace, and provide help in local and national development. These undertaking often come with the cost of our soldiers’ lives and limbs.
We have, however, remained undaunted. We continue to build our capabilities and transform our troops toward service excellence, guided by our values of Honor, Patriotism, and Duty as we fulfill our duty defend and responsibility to deliver only the best service to our country and people. We continue to change and move forward as we aim to be a world-class Army that is a source of national pride. As we mark new milestones let us work hard to fulfill our core purpose of serving the people and securing the land.
Mabuhay, Philippine Army!

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